Lolwe Rock Art site

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

On the north –eastern side of Lake Victoria lies Lolwe Island. The rocky landscape with spectacular scenery, it is a unique and beautiful place that is worth visiting. Lolwe is one of the Uganda’s beautiful islands characterized by many granite rocks and boulders. It is located on Lake Victoria in Lolwe Sub County in Namayingo district.

The rock site is natural, cultural and religious place. The rock site is natural, cultural and religious place. It has rock art designs and inside the natural castles are messages and symbols from the past in form of rock paintings, carvings and engravings left behind by early inhabitants.

At rock site, the ‘Spirit of Israel’ a religious cult recognizes the power of the site which they believe is inhabited by the powerful spirits which they harness to perform their rituals. The site has also been recognized as a cultural landscape because of the cultural values, belief systems that existed that among the ancestors and the present communities living on this island.

Lolwe rock Island is reachable by water transport. The boat cruise or Ferry lasts for about 2- 3 hours from mainland to the Island. Lolwe Island has about 10,000 inhabitants whose main economic activities are fishing and Farming. The Island is connected with solar power. The mini-grid of 600KW capacity was developed by Engie Equatorial power.


Lake Victoria is the largest freshwater body in Uganda and East Africa and the world’s second-largest. 75 % of the Namayingo district is covered by the lake. The lake is a tourist attraction and source of living. Communities living on the shores use it for fishing. The fish species caught include tilapia, Nile perch and other several and unique species.